Why You Should Start Blogging Today

If you’re thinking about whether or not you should launch your blog, keep reading. Because this is your cup of motivation derived from my story – it’s why you should start blogging today.

I started blogging in September of this year. I remember (very vividly) everything I felt, everything I thought, everything I did before and after the launch of Lime & Shine (I mean, it’s just been two months.. so of course I remember).

I remember stalling for the long time. I remember getting stuck on what I should name my blog and what hosting site I should use. But most of all, for the LONGEST time, I remember just evaluating all the reasons I shouldn’t start a blog. I kept coming up with reasons it won’t work. And you might be doing this too.

If you’re thinking

  • people won’t read your blog
  • you don’t have the time to maintain a blog
  • you will run out of topics
  • you don’t want to/can’t invest any money
  • your blog won’t make any money

keep reading. Why?

Because I thought of the same things but I got myself to start anyway. And now that I did, I couldn’t be happier because I’m so, so proud of myself for all the work I’ve put into Lime & Shine and so, so excited for its future. 

start blogging today


“People won’t read my blog”

Of course I thought of this. Everyone does. If someone’s making YouTube videos, they think people won’t watch them. If someone’s painting, they worry people won’t appreciate/buy them. Similarly, if you’re blogging, it’s normal to think people won’t read them. It’s normal, it’s not true. It’s just important to remember that when you’re creating content, you have to write about things people WANT to read.

start blogging today

Most of the things you write about have to be solving a certain problem people have – that’s what’ll drive them to your website and your blogs. If you’re a person with no interest in economics and I handed you a few pages of the Game Theory, are you going to want to read it? No. Similarly, if you’re going to give the people what they don’t want to know about, they’re not going to read it.

This issue is mostly solved once you define your target audience. Everything you write, you’ll have to write keeping a specific audience & their interests in mind. If you’re a fitness blogger, your audience is fitness enthusiasts & everything you write about fitness must cater to any questions/needs/problems they have.

“Blogging is too time consuming”

Okay I’m not going to lie, it’s very time consuming. There are a lot of things you have to plan for before you start blogging. Wondering what you should know before you begin? HERE’S your guide! There’s a lot of work, especially when you’re starting out. Email lists, social media marketing, Pinterest strategies, Facebook groups, blog post planning, promotions… there’s a lot to do.

So how do you know whether or not it’s time to start blogging? You ask yourself one question. You ask yourself how long you’ve been thinking of starting a blog. If your answer to this is that of a decent amount of time, ask yourself another question. Ask yourself if you’re willing to give it time. It doesn’t have to be hours. I myself am a student and that makes blogging a side hustle and not my main work. And that’s okay. I manage to churn out 1-2 posts a week. Sometimes, there’s 1 in two weeks and that’s okay. When I get time (probably during my vacation), i’ll try for 3 posts a week. It’s no competition. It’s about posting quality content, even if it’s once a month. Quality > quantity.

“What if I run out of topics?”

You honestly might. I do.

But then what do I do to write more? I look at other bloggers’ feeds for inspiration (especially posts like these), I scroll through Pinterest, I think of things I look for on google. But this doesn’t mean I stop blogging. I may take a break (because like I said, quality > quantity) but then I get back to it. But trust me, there are enough topics. Every 8-12 months you can also refresh your content – add something new and something more to your old content. Revamp it for a new year! So tweak it up and that’s it – there you have another post.

beginner blogging
Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production
“Blogging will be another financial burden”

See, when you’re starting out, you will have so many questions about where to spend your money. You’ll wonder how on earth you can afford to pay for Tailwind, email marketing & your hosting site, let alone a plethora of $300 courses that are like a blogger’s dream on a platter. It’s okay. Everyone has these questions. 

Why? Because if you’re just starting out, you don’t know if and how long you’re going to continue. There are a few things we start because we’re excited about them at that very moment, but what if these things don’t happen to work out for you over time? Blogging might be like this for some people. And we all know that somewhere at the back of our mind. I wonder too – what if I don’t want to write anymore one day? And because of this, we wonder whether it’s worth it to splurge on blogging materials.

What’s the answer to this? Wait a while. Look, there are quite a lot of ‘free trials’ and ‘free courses’ and they’re pretty dang good. As of now the only payment I’ve made is for to WordPress. I’ve got my way around using free stuff. And how helpful is this?

I got

  • around 80k monthly Pinterest viewers

  • 50+ Pinterest followers

  • Became a part of 4 Tailwind tribes and 4-5 Pinterest group boards that help me share my content

  • 50+ Facebook followers

  • 30+ Twitter followers

within my first 1-2 months, using nothing PAID.

I know they’re all small numbers (some of which have fallen now due to inactivity because of college work), but hey, we celebrate every tiny victory here! So, to me, as a new blogger, I’m crazy proud of myself for being able to hit those numbers.

Right now, I’m on a little holiday for a family wedding and haven’t been able to work on the blog too much but I can’t wait to get home and pick up the hustle and grow more!

Photo by Justin Veenema
“My blog won’t make me any money”

The minute you think people won’t read your blog, that thought is accompanied by ‘my blog won’t grow’ and ‘my blog won’t make me any money’. But no, your blog can make money. And it can even if you’re just starting out. There are affiliate programs you can apply for and if you get accepted, you can be on your way to a (BIG FAT) small check.

I made my first earning already – they’re $25 waiting to be cashed out. And this is only from one company. I’ve planned it out already – once I get back and to work, there’s one more program I want to apply for. Just in case you want to know, this is the post that got me my first income!

As my blog grows, i’ll diversify my income to various streams – even my own $300 course maybe? 😛

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Until next time!