5 Places You Must Visit In San Francisco

San Francisco. I fell in love with this place the second I stepped foot outside the airport. A 47 square mile city known for its scenic beauty and diverse culture, unpredictable in terms of its weather and known for having people fall in love with it. Read on to know what you can do to have a fun filled, exhilarating time in this Fog City.

Golden Gate Bridge

1. Lombard Street: Also known as the ‘crooked street’, Lombard Street is an east-west street in SF, a one-way road consisting of eight hairpin turns. An interesting road to drive on, an interesting sight to see.

Image taken from We Heart It
ugh, the car.

2. Union Square: spend an afternoon at Union Square amongst the Hearts of San Francisco. A great place for shopping and dining – look at the map below for a glance at a small section of Union Square.

Image from http://www.baycityguide.com
Hearts of San Francisco

3. Golden Gate Bridge: ah, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Cycle, maybe take a bus tour & chill at the Golden Gate Park.

Taken from the upper deck of a tour bus
Image taken from We Heart It

4. Chinatown: this was probably one of my favourite places in SF. An extremely lively area; a must visit. While there are stores that sell clothes & phone accessories, there are shops that sell beautiful, gigantic, Chinese decor pieces you can ship back home. Also, the food, simply delicious.

5. Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39: A touristy, bustling spot. You can be shopping (at good rates!), savouring (very delicious) meals, and/or watching these adorable sea lions at Pier 39!

Image taken from hoodline.com


6. Mission Street: take a street art tour or just go self-guided but do walk on this extremely artistic stretch of land.

Image taken from citylane.com
Image taken from citylane.com

Well, this is it. These were my top 5 recommendations for when you visit San Francisco. Comment below what places you love in San Francisco / what you’re excited to see there!