Heart and Mind

Sometimes, the things you want seem scary. They seem far fetched, they seem irrational. But it’s imperative to not let the feelings of solicitude and reluctance shadow what could potentially bring you happiness.

Heart vs Mind
The perennial conflicts between the desire of the heart and the power of mind… a battle we all face.

These things, they’re scary because of metathesiophobia, they’re scary because no matter how many times you tell yourself ‘what they’ll say’ is not important, it somehow is. Some of us are already there and we somehow truly care so little of ‘what they’ll say’ but the rest of us, we pretend we don’t care. We pretend we’re brave, we pretend we’re unshakable, we pretend like we can get through this without being held back. We pretend. But soon when this bluff is tiring and when we sit back pondering, we see how ‘what they’ll say’ is hogwash. It’s tiring and it’s exhausting and it’s unfair.

It’s tiring to limit the choices present to us based on ‘their’ opinion of it. It’s exhausting to constantly pretend you’re alright. It’s unfair to suppress (potential) joy below ‘their’ train of thought. But maybe if we push ourselves harder and say it to ourselves a few hundred more times, we’ll believe it. we aren’t there yet, but that’s the goal. That’s where we want to be. we want to be in a position where the mind and the heart work with each other rather than have dissenting judgments.

Oh, how wonderful it’ll be. How tranquil it’ll be not having to constantly debate over what you want to do and what you should do. I believe we’ll get there. I believe we’ll soon reach the point where we choose to listen to our heart because that’s where the happiness lies. Sure, the mind is less likely to mislead you, bamboozle you. But really, for how long can your mind fight something your heart feels it’s destined to have?