10 Must-Have Apps For College & Work

In my post about productivity, I listed 5 apps that help me work & be productive. But why stop at 5? Here’s a list of 10 must-have apps for college & work – one app (free, obviously!) for each category. 

I have used every app mentioned in this list and am only recommending them because they were really useful to me.

Without further ado, let’s get on with our list.

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10 apps you must have
First, managing your work-time. 

The free app Focus helps you set timers of 25 and 5 minutes to work and take a break respectively. Studies show that working in short and frequent periods is more effective when compared to a few long periods, and this is what the purpose of focus is.

Second, doing additional courses.

edX is an app I love. At present, I’m doing a certificate course of Academic and Business Writing from the University of British Columbia. edX offers a plethora of courses for you to do from top universities. You can do them for free or pay a small fee if you want to earn a certificate for your course. It offers you material to study from, quizzes and tests, and assignments which you must complete before the course expires. It’s a must try application. And no, this is not sponsored by edX 😛

Third, taking on a new hobby.

Ever get these sudden bursts of emotion when you wish you could speak another language? Or how cool it’d be if you went for a vacation and spoke to the locals in their language in front of your family? I did too. And I used Duolingo. I learned a little Spanish on this app through their quizzes and conversational chats. They offer quite a few different language options so check them out and start learning a new language which you can practice even while you’re on the go!

Next, math.

Photomath is app that amazes me. It’s an app which allows you to scan a math sum you’re finding difficult and the computer will immediately give you a solution to the problem. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is. Try this.

Fifth – if you bunk college :P.

I go to a college which has a minimum attendance criterion and I must have over 80% attendance in order to be allowed to give my semester exams. It’s stressful and what makes it worse is to have to keep track of each class I bunk and calculate by how much it affects my attendance. Bunk Manager is an app that does this for you. You just have to input your total number of classes & set the minimum requirement and that’s it! Each time you bunk a class, record it in the app. That’s all you have to do. Literally.

Number 6 – a habit tracker.

When you’re a full-time student or if you work long hours, you might forget to do a certain task you had to/want to and the next time you remember it, you feel bad about not doing it. Productive is an app which allows you to tell it the habits you want to form like reading a book for an hour every day, or exercising thrice a week. It then sends you reminders for these things. Now you may ask how this app is different from any other reminder app. Each time you complete a task and log it in the app, the app marks it as done and starts forming a streak. The more you do it, the longer your streak gets and it sort of motivates you to do a task & not break the streak.

Seventh, to test yourself.

Quizlet is another app I previously mentioned in my post about how you can be productive starting today. This app allows you to create your own set or use a pre-made set about any topic you want to study. I studied A Levels and I used this app quite a lot during that period. Click here to find my study sets for Economics, Accounting and Business.

Next, to help you write better.

I’ve only recently started using Grammarly and I must say, it’s really interesting! Whether you’re writing a college essay or sending out professional emails, Grammarly runs in the background and works to optimize every sentence and each word in it. By underlining a word to prompt you to correct its form or by suggesting a change in a group of words to shorten sentences, Grammarly has been working great for me. I’d say Grammarly is definitely worth a try. By upgrading to the Premium version, you also get correction suggestions to improve vocab, have a consistent writing style, make sure your work is fresh and original & more! You need to give Grammarly a shot. Now!

Nine: for internships.

LetsIntern. This is an app that presents you with various offers for internships once you put in your details and work choices. You’ve got to fill that resume and what easier way to do it than have application offers on your phone!

Lastly – to scan anywhere, anytime.

The last one to make it to this list would be CamScanner. I’ve been using this app for longer than I can remember – literally. I’ve used it to store a scanned copy of my government ID, to quickly scan and mail a visa document to my mother, to send my work to my teacher… CamScanner is probably the best thing to happen to scanning.



Well, this is it! This was my list of 10 must-have apps for college & work to help you maxmise your productivity!

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Now that you’ve read this, give these apps a shot and let me know what you think in the comments below! Also, if you know of any other life-changing app, let me know! I’d love to hear from you!