20 Things You Can Do While You’re Stuck In Quarantine

Hey, you! I’ve been MIA because I’ve been caught up with college and have some time on my hands now, you probably know exactly why. Quarantine, self-isolation and social-distancing. This is precisely the reason why I have come up with a list of 20 things you can while you’re stuck in quarantine and kill the boredom!

I’m not sure what the situation is like where you are, but here in India, we’re under lockdown. The entire country. I’ve been in quarantine for over a week now and while it’s driving me crazy, I do understand and accept the reason behind this. Coronavirus or covid-19 is spreading rapidly and the only way of containing it is by giving it nowhere else to go. So, while we’re all stuck at home, what do we do? This is something I have suffered with all day, everyday for the past week and due to all that frustration, I now have a list of things you can do while you’re in quarantine. Kill time and let time kill corona!

Let’s dive right into the 20 things you can do right now to battle boredom

things to do when bored
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Well, needless to say, go binge some series or have a movie marathon. Bored of that too? Make it more fun by having a Netflix Party – this is exactly like watching the show/movie as you would if your friends/family were with you. The video is synchronised, it pauses together and plays together and there’s a chat window so you can laugh together and cry together. Go create your Netflix Clan!

Another thing you can do is bake/cook. Within this week’s time I’ve baked brownies and cupcakes and I think I’m going to do this every few days! It’s time to get fat! 

Or not. Indulge in some home workouts. Either do what you already know or watch a YouTube video and get going. I do the latter for about 30 minutes everyday. It’s more than enough for me. Let me know in the comments below how long you usually workout for!

Moving on, another thing you can do is read a book. The peace and quiet inside (as well as outside) your house makes it the perfect environment to get cozy and get readin’!

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Well, I wanted to read too but there was a slight problem. The book I wanted to read had to be bought/borrowed. I didn’t have it at home. And I couldn’t step out of the house, not could I have it delivered (because of the lockdown – all deliveries of non-essential items has been postponed). So what did I do? Praised the Lords of Technology and got myself an audiobook! It’s almost my favourite habit now!

You may not like this one, but trust me, time flies when you’re occupied by this. Clean up. Do your room, your bathroom, your kitchen. Make the whole damn house sparkle! I’ve been helping my mother clean up and a) hours go by like minutes b) it tires me out so I’m less bored than I normally would be. It’s a win-win. Right, mom?

I have also been keeping myself occupied with the piano. I’ve been teaching myself and practicing everyday. Long live YouTube! So, yes, go learn to play an instrument or just go learn some magic tricks, do science experiments, keep yourself busy.

Count the tiles in your bathroom. LOL, I’m kidding. 

Wait, am I?

skin car routine for healthy skin

This point is valid for you if you have a pet – and I have three. I’ve been teaching my puppy a few things. I’ve had him for four weeks and he already knows sit, down, up, jump, fetch! Who’s a good boy?! Well, I really need to potty train him though. If you know an easy way I can do this, please leave a comment below!

You can try learning a new language. Praise the Lords of Technology once again and download Duolingo, por favor. 

Do what I did for you to read this. Help a sister, or a mister, out. Write a blog! You really can!

Take time, indulge in some self care. Put on a face mask (pro tip: even better if you actually make one yourself – kills more time), exfoliate your skin, soak in moisturiser. Here’s a simple, quick routine to glowing skin?

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Do up your room! That’s always fun, isn’t it? Change a few things up, add some fairy lights, put up some pictures, get yourself some plants. Set your INTERIOR designer free. HAHAH, GET IT? 

Be an artist. Who’s judging? Draw, paint, colour, shade, wipe, smudge, rub, splash. Make a mess.

Catch up with an old friend. Let them walk you down memory lane so you, too, become sad and nostalgic, like I’ve been feeling lately. *insert diabolical laugh*

If you’re truly feeling productive, take up an online course and learn about something you’ve been wanting to but haven’t had the time to.

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Look up some conspiracy theories. Trust me, the good ones keep you busy for long. I usually watch videos about the Bermuda Triangle or the Black Hole. I’ve lately also read a few theories about the coronavirus.

Have a solo dance party. As lame as it may sound to you, try it. Have a makeshift mic ready in case you want to unleash your inner Hannah Montana. 

Learn something your friends can’t do. That’s always a good idea. A handstand maybe? Too easy? A headstand? A one-hand handstand? Please don’t take this too seriously and hurt yourself. Your friends probably can’t beatbox. You can learn that to be on the safe side. 

If you’re still bored, go make a Tik Tok

This was it for now! These were the 20 things you can do right now to battle boredom! 

I’d love to see what you draw, how you do up your room, what course you take, what theory you come across, which language you start to learn and the Tik Toks you make! Send them to me!!

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Happy Quarantine!